When in Rome... Eat the Best Pecorino

Welcome to my honeymoon! We just landed in Roma and we have a three hour drive ahead of us. Our destination is a small hotel in Tuscany. Hello perfection. 

But this is a plant based website... You might be wondering how I will avoid the meat and cheese that Italians are known for? You may do as you please, but I will eat about ten servings of cheese in the next six days. What about meat? I'll probably eat about three servings. Why? We are in Italy! As I have mentioned, I am not vegan. I eat animal-free dishes at 80% of my meals. That ratio will change for the week due to the fact that... say it with me... WE ARE IN ITALY!

The best thing about living my life in an 80/20 fashion (meaning most, but not all of my meals are vegan) is that I never feel like a fraud. Or that I "cheated". Or that I am truly missing out on life. That goes both ways. Let me elaborate. 

Missing out on life because you aren't living...

Have you ever craved steamed broccoli? I have on more than one occasion. I missed vegetables at the end of my week in Italy. They help me thrive. Eating veggies is a part of my life. Before I ate plant based my energy levels were low, low, low. Now, I have lots of energy and pursue many interests at once (my husband says it looks like I am running all over the place all the time).  

Missing out on life because you have FOMO...

Have you ever been on a diet and envious of someone eating cake, but then you ate the cake too and it's definitely not the best cake you have ever eaten? What a waste. Eating cheese in Italy was like eating the best cake, but there was zero guilt and zero shame because eating plant based is not like going on a diet. I typically don't eat diary because I know it's not good for me and I have made peace with that. Also, a lot of cheap cheese (like a $1 pizza slice) tastes like plastic. Blah. 

To recap... 

Eating cheese in Italy makes me feel alive, but eating cheese in the US prevents me from living my life the way that I desire. It's not that simple, but I know you are smart and see the big picture. When in Rome... eat the best pecorino. 

If you haven't read my tips on how to avoid constipation while on vacation then check it out here. For future posts you can subscribe here.

Keep it Moving... Vacation without Constipation


A few days into vacation my friend revealed, "I ate too much cheese. I haven't pooped since I got here!" Then another friend countered with, "I haven't stopped pooping!" Lovely. Haha. 

It's easy to drink too much alcohol, forget to drink water, overdo it on the dairy, and completely avoid vegetables on vacation. I don't know about you, but I just want to kick back and do whatever whatever. Ya know? There are a few consequences that come with that vacation lifestyle. Do you ever experience these symptoms halfway through vacation: digestion is out of whack, energy is lower than normal, or skin looks lackluster? 

Ideally, I would like to return from vacation looking like I spent a week at a spa in Switzerland (even though I didn't). Here are some tips to help you party like a rock star while keeping your digestion, energy, and skin on track.

  • Don't eat too much of the pre-made plane meals. They are not digestion-friendly. Bring other food from home or the airport.
  • When you arrive at your destination (hotel etc.) make sure you have access to plenty of drinking water or go to a store to buy a few gallons to keep in your room. 
  • Consider your drink of choice. If you are planning on boozing a lot during your vacation try to pick a low sugar drink. My go-to is tequila, soda, and lime. 
  • Make fiber and veggies your priority at mealtime. If you're ordering a side of fries with a sandwich then get a side of vegetables too. It's worth the few extra bucks. 
  • Pack plant based snacks. Like this one or this one. It will help you avoid the low energy that creeps up on you when your meals are too far apart.  
  • If eating dairy triggers skin or digestive issues for you then don't ignore it. Respect your body.
  • Use my Rebel's Guide to Dining Out if you want to eat plant based in a restaurant that isn't veg-friendly. 

Enjoy your vacation! Sending you plant based love. Subscribe for more content here