Freakebana: The Anti-Meal Prep Method

Freakebana by Plant Based For Me

Origin Story

Ikebana is a Japanese method of flower arrangement that is rich with emotion and intention.

Perverse Evolution

An editor at NY Magazine recently wrote an article about all of the off the rails, wacko flower arrangements she was seeing in hip restaurants, magazines, and trendsetter's homes. It's literally an "anything goes" style which sometimes involves fruit and vegetables. She named this style "freakebana". 

My Version

Freakebana is the contents of my grocery cart. It is on my kitchen table and counters. It is my heart! I have no qualms about arranging a papaya with flowers, a lemon, and an avocado. File them all under the broad category of "things I like in the kitchen". You can also file them under "things my husband wishes weren't cluttering up the counters". 

I haven't put a lot of thought into meal planning lately, but I have been cooking and eating well. Freakebana is the anti-meal prep method for anyone who wants to do some light cooking without the big production of it all. 

How do I prevent myself from buying a bunch of individual items that together add up to nothing? Ask yourself what you want to eat. I'm really feeling smoothies, oatmeal, soups, and market plates. Here is a taste of what runs through my mind as I fly through the produce section, pause in the non-dairy section, linger by the freshly baked bread, and finish in the grains and beans aisles.

What do I want in life a smoothie?

What kinds of mix-ins do I want for my oatmeal?

What do I want in a soup?

Which veggies would be easy (less than three steps to tasty) sides in a market plate?

Which vegetables could be the main event on my dinner plate?

It's that easy friends! Think of the type of foods you want to make then randomly grab things off the shelves as you pass by with your cart. 

If you want more direction you can download my free guide to freakebana grocery shopping which is filled with ingredient suggestions by dish type. This is the members link. I'm here if you're ready for additional support. xoxo