Last Five Salads: Chasing That Full (Not Stuffed) Feeling

One of my favorite side effects of eating plant based meals is that I rarely feel the need to unbutton my pants and take a nap after eating. Sometimes I feel the opposite- filled with energy. Filled is the key word. Not all salads are created equally. There are many salads that are not filling and will just leave me hangry a few hours later. That's why I try to make sure my salads have enough protein (beans, quinoa, nuts, quinoa-based pasta) or fat (usually avocado) or both. If I don't make a hearty enough salad, then I usually pair it with a side like hummus and crackers. Check out the salads below to chase that full (not stuffed) feeling! 

Salad #5

Salad #5

1. Tie-Dye Pink Bean Salad (makes at least 3 servings)

  • one cup of dry lima beans- soak overnight (3:1 water to bean ratio plus some salt), rinse a few times until the water is clear, cover with water in a pot and turn the heat down once they boil, then cook for 30 minutes while stirring occasionally. 
  • one can (drained) of artichokes
  • half of a roasted beet, diced (or a whole beet)
  • one handful of walnuts (break them into smaller pieces like a giant breaking rocks in the palm of their hand)
  • fresh lemon juice (half a lemon)
  • a splash of fancy olive oil
  • sea salt
  • pepper

2. End of Summer Salad

  • mixed greens
  • one plum tomato, sliced
  • one carrot, sliced
  • two handfuls of cherries, pitted
  • walnuts
  • a splash of fancy olive oil
  • fresh juice from half of a lemon
  • a sprinkle of sea salt

3. Shaky Shaky Mango Salad

  • mixed greens
  • half a mango, sliced
  • chili powder
  • lime juice
  • 2 carrots, sliced
  • shake it up!

4. Double Bean Blueberry Salad

  • mixed greens
  • blueberries
  • green beans
  • black beans, rinsed and slightly dried
  • dressing: fresh lemon juice, fancy olive oil, and dijon mustard

5. Massaged Kale Salad

  • shredded kale (without the stem)
  • massage kale with nice olive oil and fresh lemon juice (add olive oil slowly)
  • sea salt
  • roasted chickpeas (olive oil, sea salt, garlic powder, black pepper)
  • sliced apples
  • optional: pepitas

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