Treat Yourself

I deserve junk food

I will eat nachos everyday

I will feel like junk


Can I let you in on a secret? You don't have to feel like junk. You could eat plant based nachos every night for dinner and you would probably feel fine. The recipe featured above is from an Oh She Glows cookbook. Okay, we covered healthy junk food. Check. 

Next, let's address the stories we tell ourselves. I deserve _____ because ______ happened today.

Here is a list of the basic things that I believe every human deserves:

  • Freedom
  • Healthy food
  • Access to healthcare
  • A safe place to sleep at night
  • Access to education
  • Love from other humans
  • Self-love

If given all of those things, most people should be able to do more than get by or survive-they should be able to THRIVE. 

Eating healthy has had an insane domino effect on my life. It helped me gather the courage to start taking exercise dance classes (I'm horrible at it, but I love it!). It helped my loved ones eat healthier. It helped me flex my creative muscles (see snake photo above). I could keep going...

If you regularly find yourself saying, "I deserve chips/cake/BBQ/candy/a burger because _____ happened today," then it's time for you to rewrite your story. Those things may look like a band aid that help you deal with feelings like stress, but they actually slow you down and prevent you from THRIVING.

Consider eating plant based. I avoid animal products at about 80% of my meals and I am thriving. I deserve to thrive and you do too. Treat yourself. 

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