Ask Me Anything: Cheese Lovin', Chicken vs. Red Meat, and Snacks

Help! I love cheese. How can I eat less without missing it so much?

First, raise your standards. If you want to eat less, then you should only eat the most delicious cheese. For example, pass on cheese that would sit atop a $1 slice of pizza (it usually tastes like plastic), but eat it at a nice restaurant. Second, consider the source before taking a bite. This white stuff dripped out of an animal and the intended use was to help a baby animals gain nutrients and grow at a super fast pace. Third, try multiple nondairy options. My favorites are from Kite Hill and Follow Your Heart. The asparagus in the photo above was sprinkled with Follow Your Heart Nondairy Parmesan Cheese. You can't taste the difference.     

If I eat more chicken and less red meat I should be okay, right?

What do you mean by "okay"? It's up to you to make that decision. I personally don't eat chicken more than once a week because of the health implications. Yes, red meat is worse than chicken, but beans and veggies are also way healthier than chicken. Eating plant based has helped me realize that so many chicken dishes don't taste like chicken-they taste like the rest of the ingredients! This makes it insanely easy to cook a lot of your favorite "chicken dishes" without the chicken. Here are some recipes: chickpea buffalo wraps, cauliflower buffalo wings, butternut squash black bean enchiladas, and jerk sunchokes with rice and beans. Added bonus- eating less chicken means you're less likely to consume many types of bacteria (like salmonella or e. coli).  

What are some plant based options for mid-morning snacks?

  • Fruit

  • Apple, banana, or celery with almond or peanut butter

  • Chia seed snacks like these from Mamma Chia

  • Larabars (my favorites are apple pie and peanut butter chocolate chip)

  • Plain rice cakes with avocado and a bit of sea salt

  • A protein shake made with almond milk or water and a powder like this one

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