Ask Me Anything: Money. Money for Plants.


MONEY. Everyone wants it, but no one wants to talk about it. I have no problem letting you take a peek at my finances (everything except the bitcoin account haha). Let's talk about money. 

Is eating plant based expensive?


What about organic vegetables and fruits? Those are pricey.

Organic is great. However, most people do not eat the recommended 2 cups of veggies a day. You will see significant changes in your health if you just do that. The incremental change (in most cases) from eating organic will not be as significant

I don't believe you that eating plant based isn't expensive. 

Well, let me show you! Here is what I spent on groceries this week. Do you know how many meals and snacks this is?! It comes out to less than $10 a day!

2 cans black beans... $2.38

can of artichokes... $3.99

quinoa pasta... $2.50

1 tomato... $2.04

2 zucchini... $1.75

green beans... $1.23

2 avocados... $4.00

1 peach... $1.15

raw almonds... $5.99

walnuts... $5.99

pretzels... $2.99


whole wheat pita bread... $1.49

purple cabbage... $1.36

broccoli... $1.55

mini watermelon... $5.99

cherries... $2.47

blueberries... $3.99

baby spinach $3.99

cucumber... $0.66

oatmeal... $7.49

2 lemons... $1.00

1 apple... $1.50

2 cans of chickpeas... $2.38

Total $67.88

Ready to head to the grocery store? I made a printable list that will help you stay organized. Check it out here. Here is the link for the Insider Club