Ask Me Anything: Protein, #GymLife, and Cooking 101

Inquiring minds would like to know how I tackle the challenges around eating 80/20. Here are some questions I have been asked. I love getting questions! Serving as a resource makes my heart sing. 

How do you make sure you're getting enough protein?

I eat lots of nuts, beans, and quinoa. I also drink protein shakes made with Garden of Life Raw Organic Chocolate Protein. It's super clean. Not all protein powder is vegan. Also, it has 22 grams of protein per serving!! I was not a protein shake kind of gal before going plant based, but I probably drink about three a week now to supplement my protein intake.  

What can I eat for breakfast that is filling, but fast? I work out in the morning.

High five on the #gymlife! Good for you. Three things that come to mind off the bat are quinoa, overnight oats, and homemade muffins. They can all be made in advance and you can pack in a ton of protein. Leaving you some recipe love here, here, and here

I'm still learning how to cook for myself and I don't know where to start. Help!

Thank goodness for the internet. If you are ready to dive in completely, then join Rouxbe. Their online instructional videos on plant based cooking are in a league of their own. Don't worry, if you can't fathom spending that kind of money on your health (it truly is an investment in you, not like a crazy splurge on a pair of shoes) then I have some other suggestions. Follow the Youtube channel Hot For Food which has hundreds of cooking videos and the food looks so yum yum. Pick up a cookbook like Nom Yourself or The Minimalist Baker. Start with basics like salads and tacos that are easy to make and have ingredients that can be swapped in and out to keep it interesting. Bon apetite!

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