Am I risking my health by eating 80/20?

I've been plant based for a year now! Time has flown. To revisit what eating 80/20 looks like for me you can head here or here. I decided it was time to my measure my health. I feel great, but I wanted to be responsible and do a real check-in. #SELFLOVE! I still eat meat and dairy, but not everyday so I felt it was best to look at the test results as if I was vegan. What are the risks? If you are eating a true vegan diet you may be deficient in vitamin B12, calcium, iron, and zinc. It was time to check the numbers and see if my health was at risk. I went to my doctor and asked for the full buffet of tests. Here are my results:

Vitamin B12- On the higher end of the normal range.

Calcium- Smack dab in the middle of the normal range. 

Iron- At about the middle of the normal range. 

Zinc- On the low end of the normal range. 

And lastly, since there are a lot of people who think that plant-based protein is hard to come by and will not do the trick... my protein level is normal! 

Now that we have cleared the risks, it's time for the magic. What are the benefits of eating plant based? Eating less animal products will improve your...

  1. Cholesterol. Sorry to brag, but my total cholesterol is 126. Normal range is less than 200. Boo-yah!  
  2. Blood Pressure. How low can you go? I cannot limbo, but I do have super low (but healthy) blood pressure. Normal range is 120/80-140/90 and mine is 129/82!!!
  3. BMI. It's not a guarantee that eating less animal products will help you lose weight, but if you switch out big macs for veggies/beans/whole grains, then yes your weight should decrease. My BMI was not abnormal before I became plant based, but it has helped me maintain. It's currently 23.7 which is in the normal range. Yahooo! 

TIME TO CELEBRATE! I am relieved to hear that I am officially in good health. When was your last full physical? Treat yourself to some tests. You deserve to feel happy, healthy, and energetic! 

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*Full disclaimer: I am not a licensed medical specialist. This is my personal experience, not a recommendation written by a health professional.