Book Rec: Skin Cleanse: The Simple, All-Natural Program for Clear, Calm, Happy Skin

Book author Adina Grigore. #glowing

Book author Adina Grigore. #glowing

I read a lot of magazines growing up and that includes a few beauty articles that promised candy and pizza were not to blame for crappy skin. That's BS and we all know it. Adina Grigore is more than qualified to tell you what's what about beauty products and eating habits. She has sensitive skin, a background in nutrition, and is the founder of an all-natural skincare line (the face cleanser is literally three ingredients).

Adina's writing style and advice is straight forward like the kind you get from a friend who only tells you the truth. She tries to balance it out with the occasional joke. After delivering news that might upset some readers she starts the next paragraph by writing that she realizes "you might have just thrown the book across the room and left it there for a week." I did not throw the book myself, but I was on an airplane at the time. 

I definitely recommend her new book for the nutritional guidance, revealing information about beauty industry standards, and simple DIY beauty recipes. Plus, she loves and highly recommends eating plants! 

Her book is available at all major retailers. 

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