The magic of endless possibilities

Photo by Adam R.

Photo by Adam R.

I invited a few friends over for dinner to give a heartfelt send-off to a lovely lady who is trading NYC for San Francisco. Once the dishes were cleared and three bottles of red wine were emptied the wall came down between casual and personal conversation and she shared her expectations of what her new west coast life might look like. I'm so excited for her and my two other friends who are leaving NYC this month. Moving means a fresh start. 

Familiar faces, places, and routines all change dramatically. You can easily take this opportunity to reinvent your life in small and big ways because it would be harder to live the same way in a new place.

When you do the opposite of moving (staying put), it seems much harder to create new habits and form new relationships. Staying put can mean many things. Maybe it means #nonewfriends. Maybe it means staying in the same job longer than you should. Or maybe it means continuing to give your health and well being the same amount of (dis)regard you always have.

Don't stay put! Imagine all of the things you can do and get moving!

You can't afford to wait for a big life change to force you to make changes. If that feels overwhelming then start at a cellular level and work your way up to the big stuff. Add more plant-based protein, fruits, and vegetables to your plate. Common side effects are sleeping better, experiencing better energy levels, and less disease. You will tackle life because you will be full of life.  

Eating plant-based has opened up my heart, made me more creative, and supported the intense schedule of work-social activities-werk I have created for myself. 

I'm inviting you to start at the cellular level. This is Plant Based For You. There is no gimmick. It's all about adding to your plate. Once you discover the plants that nourish your body and mind, you might realize that the way you used to eat was actually depriving you of joy and good health.