Bath & Body Recs: My Current Favorites

I started eating a plant based diet because I wanted to be more mindful about the things I was putting into my body. Once you decide to eat less chemicals it's not long after that you may begin to think about the beauty products you use- they enter your body too! This is when you learn that big brands that you trusted for quality were capitalizing off of legal technicalities in consumer product laws.

Aveeno labels say "Active Naturals" which refers to the fact that they have ingredients like oatmeal in them, but the products also contain petrolatum which is a chemically altered by-product of petroleum. You can read the studies on the potential harmful effects of this ingredient if you want. You could also say, "well everything will kill you these days," but if there are products available that don't contain petrolatum or aluminum why not use them instead? You are the consumer and you get to decide what you put into your body. 

I was not paid to endorse the following brands. These are things that I consider "natural alternatives" to traditional beauty products that work for me.

I'm wearing the Aztec Clay Mask in the photo above. It's great for pimples and scaring small children.  

I would also recommend the face cleanser and moisturizer by Acure. I love that it is natural, but not $$$. 

Aluminum-free deodorant by The Honest Co. The Bergamot Sage smells delish. It might not work if you are super active (i.e. chasing a toddler or taking a spin class), but it works for me in cold weather months. 

I use cornstarch as dry shampoo regularly. It's an ingredient in a few different dry shampoos. I've tried many "normal" brands and it bums me out that they either come in aerosol cans, smell unappealing, or irritate my eyes if particles drop out of my hair throughout the day. 

People rave about coconut oil and I'm one of them. I use it as body lotion and lip balm. 

Apple cider vinegar. It can serve as the acidity in a salad dressing, you can use it as a facial toner, and you can use it as a clarifying rinse in your hair before shampooing (mix one to one ratio with water in a non-glass container and take into the shower). I recommend buying one with a mother in it.

The area around my eyes is very sensitive so I prefer to use make-up without chemicals. RMS makes a good quality mascara that is nearing cult status in the natural beauty circles. In addition, this brand does not test on animals. 

For additional make-up I highly recommend the brand Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. They are Vegan and Cruelty-Free. I just started using their OCC Skin: Conceal. It's lightweight, but has coverage that you can build on. They offer strong, bright colors (similar to MAC) in all of their eye, lip, and nail products.