HI! I'M REBECCA AND I Am a plant based transition guide.


At age 27 I came to terms with the fact that eating meat and dairy everyday wasn’t making me happy anymore: raw chicken was unappealing, too much dairy caused my skin to breakout, my digestive system was out of whack, and I was bored with eating the same things over and over. It was time for a change!

Now, 80% of my meals are Animal-free. That's why I call myself plant based.

It’s a lifestyle that fits my budget and schedule, aligns with my values, and allows me to eat my favorite foods. Thanks to those changes I have healthy energy levels and my skin glows.

My mission is to welcome you with open arms to the plant based community.

For curious and frustrated eaters, Plant Based For Me is a journey that will fill you with delicious positive vibes. Together, we will change your relationship with food by bringing you clarity, setting realistic expectations, pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone, and aligning your actions with your values.

Want just a taste?